Parisian Themed Bridal Shower

So our not so little sister got married recently and I got the pleasure of being maid of honour. I was so excited because she was my maid of honour at our wedding.

When she asked me to be her maid of honour I immediately turned to Pinterest to start planning the Bridal shower. All I knew was that I wanted it to be classy and for her to be elegance personified! She got engaged in Italy and after they got married the Mr was going to do his MBA in France. Taking all of these into consideration, we came up with a Parisian theme for the Bridal shower. We settled on the colours as white, pink and black.

The invite I designed myself and emailed it to all the guests via Mailchimp, a very professional way of sending out bulk emails. 🙂

Bridal Shower Invite
Parisian Bridal Shower Invite

As a little marker for the guests that were arriving, we marked the front door with a king protea that was tied to the front door.

King Protea Blended with Pink and White Theme

For the menu we decided on some french eats such as croissants and eclairs. Sticking to our South African roots, we also had samoosas, mini quiches, meatballs, various cheeses and a wide variety of other snacks. For our beverages we had some Pearly Bay Sparkling Wine, Grapetizer and Juice.

Savoury Table
Savoury Table

For the main table we ordered a 2 tier chocolate cake with white fondant. The cake had lace around it and an edible flower. For the top of the cake, as a sentimental piece, we had an Eiffel tower put on that the bride’s father brought from France for his wife. The table was then filled with heart shaped biscuits, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate brownies and cupcakes. The background for the main table had a banner that read “Bienvenue a Paris Cafe” (Welcome to Paris Cafe) and a lovely paper butterfly background. We also had a little tea corner because the bride loves tea.

Cake Table
Just loved this 2 Tier Cake

The brief for the bride was to be wearing a white dress and stylish hair and make-up. I hand sewed her a sash and had it embroidered with the words “Bride To Be”. The idea with the sash is to make it a family piece that we can pass down for generations. I decorated the main chair with some chiffon to make it stand out from the rest.


Some of the smaller pieces we added were little photo frames with something cute in them. Instead of a guest / message book, we had small little papers asking for Date Night Ideas for the bride and groom and Advice For The Bride.

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue. Michelle is ready to say I DO!
Advice for the Bride & Date Night Ideas for the Couple
Advice for the Bride & Date Night Ideas for the Couple

We played a few games. One of the games we played was The Newlywed Game where we asked the groom a few questions that the bride needed to answer. The bride was very good with her answers and it’s safe to say that she knows her groom quite well. 🙂 We also played Purse Raid and Toss The Bouquet. Everyone had so much fun!

The bride’s sister-in-law also gave some indian dancing tips and everyone was on the floor dancing their hearts out! The whole event went off better than I expected and the best part was to see the bride happy. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂


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