Visit to Landskroon Wine Estate

We just love exploring new places. We normally take a drive and just see what’s out there and sometimes make a quick stop at any place. Some of our favourite places to visit is Wine Estates. Some of the reasons are that they always make for spectacular views and photos, they have wine (some of our favourite treats) and they don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Wine tastings generally cost between R20 – R50 per person and the amount of different wines you can taste is generally between 3-5 wines. Some wine estates also offer different platters that you an try with their wines. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget outing this summer, try out a wine estate.

So on one blissful day, we stopped over at Landskroon Wine Estate in Paarl. This estate is on the same road as Spice Route and Fairview. They have the same spectacular views as these 2 estates but not all the frills. When we got there my breathe was taken away by the gorgeous views. We visited the tasting room where the tastings were R10 per person (I think, speaking under correction). The wines were pretty well priced and quite a variety was available. The tasting room assistant also advised us that we could bring our own picking and enjoy their wines on their big, open lawn. I loved this idea as at some estates one needs to buy your picnic from the estate (normally quite expensive). You however need to book in advance in order to do this. We just got some wine, glasses and some of the snacks that were available at the tasting room. It was a perfect day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. ­čśë

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