#TBT Boxing Day in the Winelands

Hubby and I started our own tradition not too long ago. We decided that we would do something different every Boxing day (26 December). So far we’ve been visiting different wine estates on Boxing day. Sometimes we go with family and sometimes it’s just the two of us. My brother joined us on this occasion and we had so much fun!


We started of our visit to Webersburg with a wine tasting, my favourite pastime!


After our wine tasting we decided on light lunches. Mitch (my brother) had a Sesame Crumbed Chicken Salad. Just by looking at that salad, it made us all want to have healthy New Year resolutions! It was so good! (Sorry for the bad image.)




Me and hubby shared a Webersburg Snack and Wine Platter. I didn’t expect it to be that big! It was quite tasty and filling! The Wild Mushroom Arancini was our favourite! We enjoyed a Webersburg 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon with our food.


The views were spectacular, the service GREAT and the wine AMAZING!

After Webersburg we went to the Root 44 Market which is just down the road. Even though we had quite a meal at Webersburg, when visiting Root 44 Market you cannot help yourself but to have another helping of food! The smell of different flavours is just amazing! I cannot imagine going to the Root 44 Market and not having anything to eat and drink!


On our table we had some fresh Oysters, Mussels with Vetkoek (One of my favourite types of bread. Reminds me of the times spent on the farm as a child.) and a very thin based pizza. I can’t quite remember what was on there. All I know is that it was perfect! We rounded off our snacking with some Audacia Rooibos Wooded Natural Red wine. Who ever thought that Rooibos and wine would taste that good?!


We had great food and wine at both places. You will not be disappointed by these places, Promise! 🙂


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