Sorry for the Silence

Hello World!

So I’ve been very quiet on the blog and it was not by choice. For the last couple of months I had problems with getting my verification code to my cellphone. It was one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to deal with on a short temper and raging hormones. And the various blogs and forums did not help much. I finally got access to my blog again and have quite a bit to share! 🙂

First off, this year we found out we have a baby on the way! The most exciting event in our lives since the first time we met and got married. With this life changing event came a lot of things to consider, including my eating habits! I’ll try and do a piece on the pregnancy roller coasters at a later stage.

For now I’m looking forward to sharing all the cool places we have been to the past couple of months. I received a new camera from hubby for my birthday so events after this will have much better pictures. 🙂

Let the Adventure Continue!