Our Greatest Adventure!

We previously mentioned that we are expecting our first baby boy. Now this is a complete adventure on its own!
A quick background on our life. We met at university in 2006, got engaged in 2011, got married in 2012 and first baby in 2017. Because I am a bit of a control freak that think I have everything according to a plan, my life has panned out more or less how I planned with lots of prayer and help from God. Married by 25, career by 30 and baby after 30. God  has a crazy way of working things to our best benefit.

Anyway, so we found out we were pregnant while living at the Upper East Side where we celebrated our 5year dating anniversary in 2011. Like I said, God has a crazy way of working things out. 😊 We then moved to a more child friendly suburb in Milnerton and close to the beach. My dream! 😍

The past couple of months has been quite the roller coaster! I always wanted to be pregnant during winter due to the heat issue in summer but that plan didn’t work out so well. 🙈 And to top it all, I was in my busy season at the office so a crazy 6 day work schedule did me no favours. I started thinking that pregnancy after 30 may not be the best idea I’ve had. I was so exhausted and got worked up even more because I couldn’t do as much as  I was used to. I learnt so much during this time! Hubby has been a great support during this time and even forced me to relax at times. Something I am not very familiar with.

Now in my 38th week I am looking back at the journey so far and boy did it fly by! So far my doctor has been very happy with me and baby’s progress which I thank the Lord for. I can’t ask for anything better than a healthy, bouncing baby boy! ☺

The next couple of posts will be a bit more about our adventure preparing for baby. We had some outings inbetween and I’ll try my best to get up to date with those. 😊

The bump growing at 5 week intervals.
20 week 3D scan of our precious angel.

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