Restless Workaholic 

So here I am, 3 weeks (almost 4 weeks) postpartum. It has been a real roller coaster of a ride welcoming our new adventure. We’ve had sleepless nights because of gas, cramps and breast milk that is not filling enough for our little superstar. But we look back and can safely say, from here it doesn’t look that bad. 
Even though the past 3 weeks were intense, the workaholic in me can’t seem to slow down. I barely have any time available with baby demanding so much attention,  but yet I have this insane urge to be working. I currently work for my company from home in my general manager capacity (let’s face it, perfectionist and control freak that I am, I couldn’t let go of my work for even a week!).  I squeeze in time here and there but heavily rely on the time hubby is home to take care of baby. There are just so many things that I still need to take care of in the company I work for, I cannot afford to drop the ball.

If I am not busy with my general manager duties, I’m thinking up and working on entrepreneurial ideas. I work on marketing and business plans,  I knit and crochet, I work on photos in photoshop and lightroom, to name but a few things.

You see, my mind goes crazy when I am not busy with anything. I need to constantly feed it otherwise I feel like I am just wasting my time on earth. Strange but true. Which also makes me wonder how some people can be at home and do nothing. That is one art I am yet to learn. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with my little one and hubby, but I also need to be me, the person my husband fell in love with and the person my little one has learnt to love since he was growing inside me. So yes, I am a workaholic, perfectionist and control freak and I thrive on deadlines and projects.

So far I have a lot on my plate but always looking for more. So if you have anything that will tickle my work fancy, let me know! I’m always looking for new things to get my mind working on. ☺

Yours truly 

Restless Workaholic 


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