Pain of Vaccinations

Today my boy went for his 6 week vaccination. He was supposed to go last week but couldn’t due to a cold he had. First they measured and weighed him. Can you believe that he is a whopping 4,9kg already?! No wonder my arms are killing me! (I don’t have upper body strength. πŸ™ˆ) They gave him the drops. Don’t ask me what they are called, it’s written in his book. I’m bad at remembering these things. Thank the heavens for a book. Can you believe there isn’t anymore clinic cards? It’s now a book! 

We go to Sr Lyns baby clinic that is conveniently at Milnerton Mediclinic where I gave birth. The sister that we go to I like a lot, Sr Doriska. She always asks us how we are doing with a genuine interest in us. Not just another mother and baby. I don’t mind paying my backside off for the best medical care for my baby. I’d rather not buy the pair of Nikes and take him to a good medical facility. In today’s society some people care more about the brands their kids wear than the wellbeing of their child and this pisses me off to my core! Sorry for my language but I get so upset when I think about it.

That was now a little off topic but hey! This is where I speak my mind. ☺ So after the drops it was time for the dreaded needle. Can you believe that it was 2 injections, 1 in each thigh! 😒😒😒 My baby gave this very painful cry that touched the deepest part of me. I wanted to cry with him! I don’t mind needles and can handle them but how do you deal with such an innocent body enduring the pain of a needle? I managed to calm him down and I think he dealt with it much better than most babies. He is my little warrior and I am so proud of him. 

As I am typing this post, my little warrior is sleeping peacefully after a nice bottle of milk and all I can think is how proud he makes me already at the tender age of 7 weeks. We still have a long road to go and time is flying. I intend to soak up each and every moment with my little one because God chose me to be his mother. I am truly blessed.


Change is as Good as a Holiday!

I am 7 weeks postpartum and the last week has had its own set of crazy. For the past few weeks the weather has been terrible (it’s winter in South Africa at the moment). And to top it all, me and hubby had the flu and baby ended up with a cold (runny nose and a cough). I was keeping a close eye on him for a fever as I didn’t want my precious bundle to feel the horror of the flu like us. I got some great advice from a very good doctor on what to look out for and what items to keep at home. 

With all of this happening and baby not sleeping too well, I started feeling drained and not myself. Also being in the house all the time did not sit well with me. For a person that is constantly out and about getting things done, this is one of the worst things to deal with. Yes I went to the shop to grab something here and there but it was not what I needed. I needed a change to get out of this slump I found myself in. I also feel that keeping baby indoors all the time is not good for him but with him still needing to get his vaccination, I am not risking him getting sick for my sanity. Luckily he is going in the next couple of days and we’ll be able to go out and do things.

So with all of this in mind, I still needed a change. That change came in the form of a haircut by my very own personal stylist, my husband. πŸ˜† Marc has been cutting my hair since we started dating back in university. He may not have the technique to style like my favourite hairdresser but whenever I need a trim at no cost, he’s the best. You see, my husband’s hand grows very quickly. I always get flack from people (mostly my mom) whenever I cut my hair but for me hair is just hair and it grows back. I am not a hair person and when it comes to styling mine, I’m useless! My whole life I only had my hair loose with a side parting, a ponytail or tied in a bun. So when I cut it, it needs to at least tie in a ponytail. Now being a mother with very little time for myself, I needed the shorter hair more than ever. And the cut is doing wonders for my mood! 😍 Will I miss my long hair, probably. But I am very happy with the knowledge that my hair can and will grow again. For now, I’m happy with the new look. 😊

Below is the “transformation”. πŸ˜…

Ps. How cute is my little boy? 😍

Hair Before
Snip! Snip! πŸ’‡
New Look

Hobby Turn Business Opportunity?

I come from a home where my mom has her own business from home and I started working with her from the age of 4 (I really did work from that age 😊). One of the  best lessons that my mom taught me is work ethic and I am forever grateful to her for this. Love you mom!

Growing up working from a young age, I am happy when I’m working and having my own business has always been my dream. One day (hopefully soon) I will make it a reality. My only problem is, I always have a million ideas that run through my mind on a daily basis and with a full time job (to pay the bills) it makes it difficult to work on my ideas. My job is quite demanding and exhausting. 

So 2 years ago I needed some stress relief and decided to start knitting and crocheting again. I last did this in Grade 8. πŸ™ˆ It first started as a stress relief tool but then I started selling them to 1. get rid of the amount of finished items I had and 2. to recover some of the cost incurred for the wool. Contrary to popular belief, wool is quite expensive. The knitting and crocheting took a bit of a back seat when I got promoted to General Manager in my company but when I found out I was pregnant, I started crocheting a baby blanket for our little bundle. It took a while to finish throughout my pregnancy but I loved the end result! 

Inbetween I have been making various items in different colours and selling them on my Facebook page, With Love. I get joy out of making them but also saw the business opportunity in it. I’m not making millions out of this little venture but hoping it turns into something worthwhile where I can employ people and empower some other women with it. 😊

Below are some pictures of what I’ve done. And I have the perfect model that allows mom to dress him up. 😊 Your opinions?

Baby Wearing is the Best!

So I never thought I would be the kind of mom that would be posting about baby products and how great some are but here I am with my first post. The reason for this post, and hopefully many more as I go through raising my little man, is that I have found a lot of help from similar posts by other mommies before me in figuring out how to cope with motherhood for the first time. 

This specific post is about Baby Wearing. This is all just my opinion and what works for me. It is also in no way sponsored by any company.

When I went to the Mama Magic Expo last year, I was a little overwhelmed by all the things you had to take care of and get for your newborn. At one of the booths, a working mom had her baby wrapped to her chest. The little one looked so content on her mommy’s chest and mom was able to assist people with ease and her hands free. I asked the lady how the wrap is working for her and she just sang its praises. I asked her which brand she had as there are so many. She told me hers was from MonaLisa Mamas. I kept the name in mind for future reference. Since then hubby kept telling me to get a wrap for when baby arrives. Like so many things, it was put off until baby arrived and I needed my hands. I found MonaLisa Mamas Facebook page and routed through to their website. I was happy to know that they had preloved wraps available at a fraction of the new price. Mommies, having a baby is expensive no matter how long you save and prepare for it. It becomes even more expensive when you become as ocd as I am and waited a while to have a bundle of joy. So with this in mind (and me being a bargain queen), I try and get some items at better prices. 

Anyway, I ordered the preloved wrap online and had it delivered a few days later. At first the wrapping process looked intimidating with this big piece of material but soon I got the hang of it. I can now do it in my sleep. πŸ˜… Mommies, this wrap and baby wearing thing is a life saver. Whenever baby gets fussy, I pop him in the wrap and before you know it, little mr is fast asleep or at least calmed down. The wrap wins EVERY TIME! He cannot fight the comfort of being on mommy’s chest and the movements while mommy is busy with other things. What I love about this wrap is how soft and stretchy the material is. It’s also nice and warm especially during this cold winter. 

Now you can read the benefits of baby wearing by just searching the subject online, but I won’t elaborate on it. You need to try it for yourself to understand how great this is. 😊

This is my little man at 19days still trying to protest the wrap.
This is the same little man at 1month enjoying his time on mommy’s chest. 😊

1 Month Old!

The cliche of how time flies when you having fun is not really a cliche. Time really does fly when you having fun. Our little one turned 1 month old not too long ago and being the picture loving person that I am, took pictures of our little one every day. I did not do the professional newborn shoot for personal reasons but am very happy with documenting every day in pictures for the past month. And boy has he changed?! Here are some pictures of him by week and the few pictures we took when he turned 1 month. 😊 He is our love, our light and our joy. Love him more than anything.