Baby Wearing is the Best!

So I never thought I would be the kind of mom that would be posting about baby products and how great some are but here I am with my first post. The reason for this post, and hopefully many more as I go through raising my little man, is that I have found a lot of help from similar posts by other mommies before me in figuring out how to cope with motherhood for the first time. 

This specific post is about Baby Wearing. This is all just my opinion and what works for me. It is also in no way sponsored by any company.

When I went to the Mama Magic Expo last year, I was a little overwhelmed by all the things you had to take care of and get for your newborn. At one of the booths, a working mom had her baby wrapped to her chest. The little one looked so content on her mommy’s chest and mom was able to assist people with ease and her hands free. I asked the lady how the wrap is working for her and she just sang its praises. I asked her which brand she had as there are so many. She told me hers was from MonaLisa Mamas. I kept the name in mind for future reference. Since then hubby kept telling me to get a wrap for when baby arrives. Like so many things, it was put off until baby arrived and I needed my hands. I found MonaLisa Mamas Facebook page and routed through to their website. I was happy to know that they had preloved wraps available at a fraction of the new price. Mommies, having a baby is expensive no matter how long you save and prepare for it. It becomes even more expensive when you become as ocd as I am and waited a while to have a bundle of joy. So with this in mind (and me being a bargain queen), I try and get some items at better prices. 

Anyway, I ordered the preloved wrap online and had it delivered a few days later. At first the wrapping process looked intimidating with this big piece of material but soon I got the hang of it. I can now do it in my sleep. 😅 Mommies, this wrap and baby wearing thing is a life saver. Whenever baby gets fussy, I pop him in the wrap and before you know it, little mr is fast asleep or at least calmed down. The wrap wins EVERY TIME! He cannot fight the comfort of being on mommy’s chest and the movements while mommy is busy with other things. What I love about this wrap is how soft and stretchy the material is. It’s also nice and warm especially during this cold winter. 

Now you can read the benefits of baby wearing by just searching the subject online, but I won’t elaborate on it. You need to try it for yourself to understand how great this is. 😊

This is my little man at 19days still trying to protest the wrap.
This is the same little man at 1month enjoying his time on mommy’s chest. 😊

2 thoughts on “Baby Wearing is the Best!

  1. Heather, you have no idea how heart-warming this is to hear! Not just because you love our product as much as we do, but mostly because we could help make your life a little easier! This has always been our first & foremost objective. As a matter of fact, this is exactly why we started our business! We are rejoicing with you & your little man for discovering the life-changing benefits of baby wearing! Happy wearing! And keep on writing! xxx


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