Hobby Turn Business Opportunity?

I come from a home where my mom has her own business from home and I started working with her from the age of 4 (I really did work from that age 😊). One of the  best lessons that my mom taught me is work ethic and I am forever grateful to her for this. Love you mom!

Growing up working from a young age, I am happy when I’m working and having my own business has always been my dream. One day (hopefully soon) I will make it a reality. My only problem is, I always have a million ideas that run through my mind on a daily basis and with a full time job (to pay the bills) it makes it difficult to work on my ideas. My job is quite demanding and exhausting. 

So 2 years ago I needed some stress relief and decided to start knitting and crocheting again. I last did this in Grade 8. 🙈 It first started as a stress relief tool but then I started selling them to 1. get rid of the amount of finished items I had and 2. to recover some of the cost incurred for the wool. Contrary to popular belief, wool is quite expensive. The knitting and crocheting took a bit of a back seat when I got promoted to General Manager in my company but when I found out I was pregnant, I started crocheting a baby blanket for our little bundle. It took a while to finish throughout my pregnancy but I loved the end result! 

Inbetween I have been making various items in different colours and selling them on my Facebook page, With Love. I get joy out of making them but also saw the business opportunity in it. I’m not making millions out of this little venture but hoping it turns into something worthwhile where I can employ people and empower some other women with it. 😊

Below are some pictures of what I’ve done. And I have the perfect model that allows mom to dress him up. 😊 Your opinions?


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