Pain of Vaccinations

Today my boy went for his 6 week vaccination. He was supposed to go last week but couldn’t due to a cold he had. First they measured and weighed him. Can you believe that he is a whopping 4,9kg already?! No wonder my arms are killing me! (I don’t have upper body strength. 🙈) They gave him the drops. Don’t ask me what they are called, it’s written in his book. I’m bad at remembering these things. Thank the heavens for a book. Can you believe there isn’t anymore clinic cards? It’s now a book! 

We go to Sr Lyns baby clinic that is conveniently at Milnerton Mediclinic where I gave birth. The sister that we go to I like a lot, Sr Doriska. She always asks us how we are doing with a genuine interest in us. Not just another mother and baby. I don’t mind paying my backside off for the best medical care for my baby. I’d rather not buy the pair of Nikes and take him to a good medical facility. In today’s society some people care more about the brands their kids wear than the wellbeing of their child and this pisses me off to my core! Sorry for my language but I get so upset when I think about it.

That was now a little off topic but hey! This is where I speak my mind. ☺ So after the drops it was time for the dreaded needle. Can you believe that it was 2 injections, 1 in each thigh! 😢😢😢 My baby gave this very painful cry that touched the deepest part of me. I wanted to cry with him! I don’t mind needles and can handle them but how do you deal with such an innocent body enduring the pain of a needle? I managed to calm him down and I think he dealt with it much better than most babies. He is my little warrior and I am so proud of him. 

As I am typing this post, my little warrior is sleeping peacefully after a nice bottle of milk and all I can think is how proud he makes me already at the tender age of 7 weeks. We still have a long road to go and time is flying. I intend to soak up each and every moment with my little one because God chose me to be his mother. I am truly blessed.


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