Back to Work!

So after 4 months of maternity leave, I had to go back to work on 1 August. My baby is only 3 months and I knew leaving him in the care of someone else would be one of the most difficult things in my life to do. I am lucky to have my mother-in-law looking after him. She has been around him since he was born and only has his best interest at heart but as a mother my heart was still aching. 

The first few days went better than I expected. I didn’t ball my eyes out. Luckily for me, the mountain of work that was waiting for me at the office kept my mind busy all day. Granny sends me pictures and updates of what he has been upto and that keeps me going. Every morning I get him up to drop him at granny’s he is all smiles amd when I say goodbye, he is always smiling. Almost to say “Don’t worry mommy. I’ll be fine”

It was never my ideal situation to have to work full time after having kids but life has a funny way of showing you who’s boss. I wanted to work from home like my mom and be there for my kids 24/7. That may not be possible now but I am slowly working on a way to get there. I try and ease my guilty conscious by telling myself that I need to work hard to ensure a better future for my little boy and also to teach him independence. So far it has kinda worked but today is one of my worst days. I miss him more than ever. I suppose pictures and Linkin Park will have to carry me through this day. 😢


3 Months old! 😊

Yesterday  my little boy turned 3 months old! 😊

For his photoshoot I dressed him in his uncle Mitch’s baptism jersey. He looked so cute in this timeless 23 year old piece. Anyone that knows me knows how sentimental I am and this jersey holds a very special place in my heart. His little Springbok shoes he got from our dear friends Megan and Nigel.

After I bathed him and got him dressed, my little mr was out cold! He slept for quite some time and gave mommy his sweetest sleeping angel face.

After he woke up I managed to get a few shots of him awake and in his bouncer.

At 3 months Cristiano has discovered the art of kicking and his feet. It absolutely fascinates him! I got him a bouncer that wasn’t as fancy as others but more practical and suited for his age and size. He enjoys his bouncer! My amazing baby also currently sleep through the night and only wakes once for feedings and diaper change which makes me a very happy and blessed mommy. 😊 My boy is so sweet and only cries when he is uncomfortable. I get lots of smiles every day but my favourite is his morning wake up smile! It just brightens my day!

God must have spent a little more time on my perfect little boy. ❤❤❤


3months old and this is the story of the day
This was the story on the day he was born.


The light of our lives.
My World in 1 picture.
Listening intently to daddy.


Crazy Family Picture!


Story time with mommy!