7 months old!

This week mommy was too tired and baby was too hot to hassle with outfit change for 7 month pictures. Due to the heat we decided to go to the beach. The little mr was fussy and who wouldn’t be in this 38 degree weather in Cape Town. There was a bit of wind at the beach and we decided to keep him in his Doona. Little mr was not impressed and the look on his face says it all!

Cristiano is now somewhat crawling and very active! We constantly need to keep an eye on him! He jets through the house in his walking ring and pulls on everything and pulls out everything in cupboards. It also looks like 2 top teeth are trying to make its way through. This kid looks so tall and I cannot believe how much he has grown. He clearly has his father’s body build. He is bigger in clothing size on top than bottom.

I still can’t believe my little munchkin is 7months old! Will need to start planning first birthday soon!


Moving back to move forward 

I have always been a busy worker bee. Always taking on more work, more responsibility and working overtime. Achieving things is my addiction. I am lucky enough to have a hard working and supporting spouse that has put up with my need to achieve more.

However, recently I have had to admit to myself that I am getting older and that life is not all about work and achievements. The running around and stress is taking its toll on my body and I can feel it every day.

It is with this that I have decided to step back a little in order to move forward. I have made the conscious decision to scale back on work and focus myself on the things that I enjoy. This is going to be very difficult for a workaholic like myself but I’ll make it my goal and strive for this mental achievement. 

I have realised that people are just people and they will come and go with their rude remarks and I will try not to have it affect me as much as I used to. It’s time for me to focus on me and my little family. 

Cristiano’s Dedication 

We started attending Hillsong Church when we moved to Milnerton. We quite enjoy the Sunday services. It was here that we decided to dedicate our little one to the Lord and pledged to raise him in the Christian faith. The Lord has been our strength through this life and our prayer for our boy is that he will walk with the Lord through this journey called life. The bible verse we dedicate to him is Isaiah 40:31 “ But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 

Here are some pictures of the day.