2018. . .

I haven’t been blogging for the past 2 months because life has been hectic. I’m so over 2018 already and just want to say good riddance to bad rubbish.

The year started on a positive note. We had big dreams and aspirations. We were filled with hope and stars in our eyes. Then life decided to throw a few curve balls at us. Mid January we were involved in a car accident. Some might call it small but it shook our world. Our physical scars may be fading away but the mental and emotional scars still haunt us every day. It will be a long journey for us but we trust that God will carry us.

Then on 25 January my beloved father-in-law passed away quite suddenly. No words can describe what we went through and still going through on a daily basis. I do not wish to discuss this in my blog and I trust that those following it will understand.

We are also going through a few personal struggles that we keep to ourselves but keep praying that the Lord will be our guide through it all.

On the up side! 😊 Our boy is 10months old! Can you believe it! He is the light of our lives and the main reason we keep moving forward. I know the last post was him at 7months but be prepared for picture overload of everything we have accomplished since then! 😉


One thought on “2018. . .

  1. Great post!
    You are going through Young parenting! Itncomes suddenly and ends suddenly. Ask for assistance if you can or when needed. Hang in there


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