21 March 2018

What a day! 21 March is Human Rights Day in South Africa. A public holiday. . . Yet me and my staff were working like crazy. . . After a gruelling photoshoot I came home to my husband and son whom I missed way too much today. I spent some time playing with both of them and as soon as Cristiano went to sleep, my ocd set in. My mind could not settle down. I did washing, cleaned my house and packed away toys. I am now settling in bed but my mind is racing. . . Can’t stop thinking of everything that still needs to be done!

My only escape is prayer. . .


2018. . .

I haven’t been blogging for the past 2 months because life has been hectic. I’m so over 2018 already and just want to say good riddance to bad rubbish.

The year started on a positive note. We had big dreams and aspirations. We were filled with hope and stars in our eyes. Then life decided to throw a few curve balls at us. Mid January we were involved in a car accident. Some might call it small but it shook our world. Our physical scars may be fading away but the mental and emotional scars still haunt us every day. It will be a long journey for us but we trust that God will carry us.

Then on 25 January my beloved father-in-law passed away quite suddenly. No words can describe what we went through and still going through on a daily basis. I do not wish to discuss this in my blog and I trust that those following it will understand.

We are also going through a few personal struggles that we keep to ourselves but keep praying that the Lord will be our guide through it all.

On the up side! 😊 Our boy is 10months old! Can you believe it! He is the light of our lives and the main reason we keep moving forward. I know the last post was him at 7months but be prepared for picture overload of everything we have accomplished since then! 😉

Teething Update

So after the bottom 2 teeth were out at 5 months, we were waiting for the top 2 to come in and boy was it horrible! At Cristiano’s dedication he was already not feeling too good and we could see the top gums were swollen and itching. We gave the normal Prodol and Panado to help him through it at night and then his cold teethers. Then there was the horror week before Christmas! 😵😵😵 Cristiano was generally a good sleeper, only woke up for wet diaper and to dream feed. However this week my poor baby would wake up screaming in pain despite the Prodol and Panado doses we gave him. And we could only give him so much. We were walking, talking zombies! He only wanted to sleep on my chest. I love that he chose my chest as his safe haven during this horrible time. The thing is, he is getting bigger and heavier and my back is unfortunately not that strong. With us also having summer, my legs and feet tire much quicker. Swollen feet in summer is no joke. My poor baby slept so bad one night that I had to take off work to take care of him. We went to the pharmacy to see what alternative there was and the pharmacist said the Prodol and Panado was the best. I told him to give me anything else, maybe the current combo isn’t working anymore. It was that afternoon that I discovered that along with the top 2 teeth, another bottom tooth was coming out. Turns out we were only treating the top gums when the bottom gums were also hurting. The discovery made life a little easier now that we could treat the root of all his misery. We also have multiple teethers that we’ve been using since 3months when the signs of teething started. We entered the new year with 5 teeth at almost 8 months old. ☺

7 months old!

This week mommy was too tired and baby was too hot to hassle with outfit change for 7 month pictures. Due to the heat we decided to go to the beach. The little mr was fussy and who wouldn’t be in this 38 degree weather in Cape Town. There was a bit of wind at the beach and we decided to keep him in his Doona. Little mr was not impressed and the look on his face says it all!

Cristiano is now somewhat crawling and very active! We constantly need to keep an eye on him! He jets through the house in his walking ring and pulls on everything and pulls out everything in cupboards. It also looks like 2 top teeth are trying to make its way through. This kid looks so tall and I cannot believe how much he has grown. He clearly has his father’s body build. He is bigger in clothing size on top than bottom.

I still can’t believe my little munchkin is 7months old! Will need to start planning first birthday soon!

Moving back to move forward 

I have always been a busy worker bee. Always taking on more work, more responsibility and working overtime. Achieving things is my addiction. I am lucky enough to have a hard working and supporting spouse that has put up with my need to achieve more.

However, recently I have had to admit to myself that I am getting older and that life is not all about work and achievements. The running around and stress is taking its toll on my body and I can feel it every day.

It is with this that I have decided to step back a little in order to move forward. I have made the conscious decision to scale back on work and focus myself on the things that I enjoy. This is going to be very difficult for a workaholic like myself but I’ll make it my goal and strive for this mental achievement. 

I have realised that people are just people and they will come and go with their rude remarks and I will try not to have it affect me as much as I used to. It’s time for me to focus on me and my little family. 

Cristiano’s Dedication 

We started attending Hillsong Church when we moved to Milnerton. We quite enjoy the Sunday services. It was here that we decided to dedicate our little one to the Lord and pledged to raise him in the Christian faith. The Lord has been our strength through this life and our prayer for our boy is that he will walk with the Lord through this journey called life. The bible verse we dedicate to him is Isaiah 40:31 “ But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 

Here are some pictures of the day. 


6 Months Old!

Cristiano my boy, where has time gone?! I can’t believe you’re 6months old already! It was just the other day that I gave birth to you and held your tiny body on my chest. Now your personality is starting to shine through. You are such a happy, vibrant and friendly little boy. You love running the whole place full in your walking ring and talking to mom and dad. Your other favourite past time is rolling and crawling around on the floor or in your cot. You grab onto everything and recently started eating purity and veggies that mommy makes. You prefer sweet potato like your dad which makes him very happy. You also have 2 teeth and I think a few more on its way. Your smile and laughter makes everyone’s day! You are the most amazing boy in the whole universe and I am proud to be your mother. I love you boy! 😙



During my pregnancy I read quite a lot of articles and one topic was co-sleeping. Our first week at home with Cristiano, we were determined for him to sleep in his own cot because we were not going to spoil him by sleeping in our bed. I was also afraid of us rolling onto him while we sleep. Then one day my mom told me how she used to lay with me and my brother when we were babies and to try it so I could get some sleep while he sleeps. At first I wasn’t too sure about it, but went along.

So far, it was the best advice ever! I just love snuggling up with my boy after a hard day. Now some people may not agree with co-sleeping and that’s fine. I personally LOVE co-sleeping. Especially when I see how peaceful he sleeps in my arms or when I wake up to his beautiful face in the morning. Some mornings he wakes up without me knowing and when I open my eyes, there’s this big smile greeting me and my heart is bursting with joy! At this stage I cannot imagine having him sleep in his cot by himself, let alone his own room. I commend the mommies that can do that, but this mommy is beyond happy to be sharing her bed with her little bug.

Ps. I have so many pictures of Cristiano sleeping, it’s not even a joke!


5 Months Old!

My little monkey is 5 months old! He is quite the busy bug. Cristiano discovered his strong legs, feet and toes. He now kicks like crazy and pulls his toes towards his mouth. This is so much fun but also so exhausting. Bath time has become a lot of fun and very wet! I think I may need to move him to the big bath. 🙈 He also scoots on his stomach and rolls back to tummy and vice versa. My little bug also started on solids and had some butternut. Still getting used to it but it’s ok so far. Next up we trying sweet potato. Ooohh! And my baby is teething! 2 bottom teeth are showing and boy are they sharp! The little bugger refuses to let me get a picture of this big milestone. 😒 Here’s some pics of his 5month shoot! 😍😍😍

Zeitz MOCAA Grand Opening

The highly anticipated opening of the Zeitz MOCAA Museum of contemporary art Africa was happening not too long ago and offered free entry over the Heritage day weekend. We decided to go on the Monday as we had other family commitments the Saturday and Sunday. When we got to the Silo District, the queues were snaking and the wind was quite strong. It was a little annoying to have to stand in the wind with a baby and seeing older people braving the wind to come see the opening. Nonetheless, me and my mother-in-law stood in the line while Marc sat with the baby in the Clock Tower. When we got to the front, Marc was not in the mood for art anymore and me, my mother-in-law and baby decided to continue on our journey. Once inside we were amazed by the space and what they did with an old silo. It was quite full and a tad difficult to maneuver a baby in a pram around, even though our Doona is quite compact. I salut the parents with the bigger prams. Some parents were clever by using their baby carrier instead. When we got to the 6th floor the views were absolutely amazing. The see through glass floor was quite a novelty. After taking some nice pictures, we headed down again. We didn’t get to see all of the exhibits due to the long lines to see them. I think we’ll go on another day to explore the arts. In the meantime, here are some pictures. ☺