Hobby Turn Business Opportunity?

I come from a home where my mom has her own business from home and I started working with her from the age of 4 (I really did work from that age 😊). One of the  best lessons that my mom taught me is work ethic and I am forever grateful to her for this. Love you mom!

Growing up working from a young age, I am happy when I’m working and having my own business has always been my dream. One day (hopefully soon) I will make it a reality. My only problem is, I always have a million ideas that run through my mind on a daily basis and with a full time job (to pay the bills) it makes it difficult to work on my ideas. My job is quite demanding and exhausting. 

So 2 years ago I needed some stress relief and decided to start knitting and crocheting again. I last did this in Grade 8. πŸ™ˆ It first started as a stress relief tool but then I started selling them to 1. get rid of the amount of finished items I had and 2. to recover some of the cost incurred for the wool. Contrary to popular belief, wool is quite expensive. The knitting and crocheting took a bit of a back seat when I got promoted to General Manager in my company but when I found out I was pregnant, I started crocheting a baby blanket for our little bundle. It took a while to finish throughout my pregnancy but I loved the end result! 

Inbetween I have been making various items in different colours and selling them on my Facebook page, With Love. I get joy out of making them but also saw the business opportunity in it. I’m not making millions out of this little venture but hoping it turns into something worthwhile where I can employ people and empower some other women with it. 😊

Below are some pictures of what I’ve done. And I have the perfect model that allows mom to dress him up. 😊 Your opinions?

Baby Wearing is the Best!

So I never thought I would be the kind of mom that would be posting about baby products and how great some are but here I am with my first post. The reason for this post, and hopefully many more as I go through raising my little man, is that I have found a lot of help from similar posts by other mommies before me in figuring out how to cope with motherhood for the first time. 

This specific post is about Baby Wearing. This is all just my opinion and what works for me. It is also in no way sponsored by any company.

When I went to the Mama Magic Expo last year, I was a little overwhelmed by all the things you had to take care of and get for your newborn. At one of the booths, a working mom had her baby wrapped to her chest. The little one looked so content on her mommy’s chest and mom was able to assist people with ease and her hands free. I asked the lady how the wrap is working for her and she just sang its praises. I asked her which brand she had as there are so many. She told me hers was from MonaLisa Mamas. I kept the name in mind for future reference. Since then hubby kept telling me to get a wrap for when baby arrives. Like so many things, it was put off until baby arrived and I needed my hands. I found MonaLisa Mamas Facebook page and routed through to their website. I was happy to know that they had preloved wraps available at a fraction of the new price. Mommies, having a baby is expensive no matter how long you save and prepare for it. It becomes even more expensive when you become as ocd as I am and waited a while to have a bundle of joy. So with this in mind (and me being a bargain queen), I try and get some items at better prices. 

Anyway, I ordered the preloved wrap online and had it delivered a few days later. At first the wrapping process looked intimidating with this big piece of material but soon I got the hang of it. I can now do it in my sleep. πŸ˜… Mommies, this wrap and baby wearing thing is a life saver. Whenever baby gets fussy, I pop him in the wrap and before you know it, little mr is fast asleep or at least calmed down. The wrap wins EVERY TIME! He cannot fight the comfort of being on mommy’s chest and the movements while mommy is busy with other things. What I love about this wrap is how soft and stretchy the material is. It’s also nice and warm especially during this cold winter. 

Now you can read the benefits of baby wearing by just searching the subject online, but I won’t elaborate on it. You need to try it for yourself to understand how great this is. 😊

This is my little man at 19days still trying to protest the wrap.
This is the same little man at 1month enjoying his time on mommy’s chest. 😊

1 Month Old!

The cliche of how time flies when you having fun is not really a cliche. Time really does fly when you having fun. Our little one turned 1 month old not too long ago and being the picture loving person that I am, took pictures of our little one every day. I did not do the professional newborn shoot for personal reasons but am very happy with documenting every day in pictures for the past month. And boy has he changed?! Here are some pictures of him by week and the few pictures we took when he turned 1 month. 😊 He is our love, our light and our joy. Love him more than anything.

Restless WorkaholicΒ 

So here I am, 3 weeks (almost 4 weeks) postpartum. It has been a real roller coaster of a ride welcoming our new adventure. We’ve had sleepless nights because of gas, cramps and breast milk that is not filling enough for our little superstar. But we look back and can safely say, from here it doesn’t look that bad. 
Even though the past 3 weeks were intense, the workaholic in me can’t seem to slow down. I barely have any time available with baby demanding so much attention,  but yet I have this insane urge to be working. I currently work for my company from home in my general manager capacity (let’s face it, perfectionist and control freak that I am, I couldn’t let go of my work for even a week!).  I squeeze in time here and there but heavily rely on the time hubby is home to take care of baby. There are just so many things that I still need to take care of in the company I work for, I cannot afford to drop the ball.

If I am not busy with my general manager duties, I’m thinking up and working on entrepreneurial ideas. I work on marketing and business plans,  I knit and crochet, I work on photos in photoshop and lightroom, to name but a few things.

You see, my mind goes crazy when I am not busy with anything. I need to constantly feed it otherwise I feel like I am just wasting my time on earth. Strange but true. Which also makes me wonder how some people can be at home and do nothing. That is one art I am yet to learn. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with my little one and hubby, but I also need to be me, the person my husband fell in love with and the person my little one has learnt to love since he was growing inside me. So yes, I am a workaholic, perfectionist and control freak and I thrive on deadlines and projects.

So far I have a lot on my plate but always looking for more. So if you have anything that will tickle my work fancy, let me know! I’m always looking for new things to get my mind working on. ☺

Yours truly 

Restless Workaholic 

Welcome to our World Little One!

I have been contemplating whether I wanted to share our birth story on a global scale such as our blog since before our baby was born and in the end decided that such a joyous occasion in our life is worth so much more than a mention. So here goes.

On Friday, 05 May 2017, I was at home and decided not to do anything. I cancelled all my plans and was just laying from one side of the bed to the next watching movies and series. I was on maternity leave afterall. I called hubby and told him that the house will be dirty and there won’t be any food for dinner when he comes home because I am taking a break. Just as the sweetheart I know him to be, he was perfectly fine with it because he has been wanting me to slow down for a while now. However, my ocd had me up and I at least cleaned the kitchen. 

When hubby came home we just had a light meal and I started feeling light cramps. I just thought it’s one of those annoying discomfort pains that has been coming and going. Later that evening we were laying in bed, listening to Bob Marley (Legend) and just taking in an easy Friday evening. I was 39 weeks and 1 day at the time. Then the pain started to grow a little stronger and our little mister was still kicking like he normally does on a Friday (it’s like he always knew Friday meant weekend! 😁). After a while Marc was not happy with the look of discomfort on my face and insisted we go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to be sent home again to wait things out. I decided to stop being so stubborn and let Marc get his way. On the way I still asked Marc to stop at the garage for some gas cooldrink and snacks. If this was it, we could be in for quite a wait and I wanted to at least snack.

We arrived at the hospital at around 23:00. They offered me a wheel chair and I politely declined. I told Marc that I’m just pregnant, not disabled. When we got to the maternity ward, they did a couple of checks and called the doctor on call for the weekend, Dr Michelle Mark. After some checks they confirmed that I was having contractions and in labour. Dr asked what pain relief I wanted and I immediately told her epidural. She also offered me a mild pain reliever to get me through the night. At around 4am the contractions became more intense and I asked the nurse for my epidural. It helped me sleep till morning. At around 7am the nurses had a shift change and after 8am doctor came to check on me. I was only 4cm dialated since 4am. They broke my water and put me on some meds to get things going but our little one was having his own way. Around 10:30 I was still only 4cm dialated and the meds seemed to not be working too well with baby. Dr then recommended a c-section to be safe. I just wanted our little one to be safe, no matter what they needed to do to me. 

After 11am I was rolled into theatre. I loved the atmosphere as everyone was smiling and having light chatter. I was like “Operations aren’t that scary with staff this chirpy!” Maybe I was still high on pain meds. πŸ˜… Hubby still forgot the camera and they waited for him to get it before they got to cutting. It felt like I was in a scene from Grey’s Anatomy! I had my dr Alex and dr Arizona. πŸ˜… Our beautiful baby boy arrived with a healthy scream at 11:40 on 06 May 2017. He was 3.58kg and 51cm in length. We experienced a sense of euphoria when we first laid eyes on him. He was and is still PERFECT! We got to hold our precious bundle of joy and tried to keep the tears at bay.

What I loved about the hospital and the staff was how friendly and caring they were. We were constantly checked on and my pain levels were closely monitored. To be honest, the pain I had was not as bad as I imagined it. We would like to thank the staff of Milnerton Mediclinic for making our birth experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. 

Maternity Shoot!

As my due date was fast approaching, I almost forgot to do my maternity shoot. It was in the back of my mind but with all the baby stuff and still working from home I kept pushing it back. I was 38 weeks which is a bit late as I’ve read that most people do theirs around 30 weeks. Nonetheless, I finally got them done by my good friend from university days, Nicole. I was in awe at how amazing they came out! Big thank you to Nicole for these great pictures and a relaxed environment for this perfectionist. 😊

Ps. Pictures taken at Milnerton beach, Cape Town, South Africa on Freedom Day, 27 April 2017.

Our Greatest Adventure!

We previously mentioned that we are expecting our first baby boy. Now this is a complete adventure on its own!
A quick background on our life. We met at university in 2006, got engaged in 2011, got married in 2012 and first baby in 2017. Because I am a bit of a control freak that think I have everything according to a plan, my life has panned out more or less how I planned with lots of prayer and help from God. Married by 25, career by 30 and baby after 30. God  has a crazy way of working things to our best benefit.

Anyway, so we found out we were pregnant while living at the Upper East Side where we celebrated our 5year dating anniversary in 2011. Like I said, God has a crazy way of working things out. 😊 We then moved to a more child friendly suburb in Milnerton and close to the beach. My dream! 😍

The past couple of months has been quite the roller coaster! I always wanted to be pregnant during winter due to the heat issue in summer but that plan didn’t work out so well. πŸ™ˆ And to top it all, I was in my busy season at the office so a crazy 6 day work schedule did me no favours. I started thinking that pregnancy after 30 may not be the best idea I’ve had. I was so exhausted and got worked up even more because I couldn’t do as much as  I was used to. I learnt so much during this time! Hubby has been a great support during this time and even forced me to relax at times. Something I am not very familiar with.

Now in my 38th week I am looking back at the journey so far and boy did it fly by! So far my doctor has been very happy with me and baby’s progress which I thank the Lord for. I can’t ask for anything better than a healthy, bouncing baby boy! ☺

The next couple of posts will be a bit more about our adventure preparing for baby. We had some outings inbetween and I’ll try my best to get up to date with those. 😊

The bump growing at 5 week intervals.
20 week 3D scan of our precious angel.

A Day in the Stellenbosch Winelands

I needed a day away from home after I went on maternity leave. Sitting at home all day is not my idea of fun. I called up my mom and asked her if she was up for a quick outing. We called up my aunt and cousin to join in. 

With my Entertainer app we opted for Flavours Restaurant (when we got there the menu said The Vineyard Terrace) at Devonvalley Hotel, just up the road from where me and Marc got married. It was a stunner of a day and the views were breathtaking!

House red wine
Mom enjoying the sunshine and amazing views.

We ordered the house red and a passion fruit and lemonade for me and baby. The menu looked divine! Me and my cousin opted for a pork belly, mom went for steak and aunty went for lamb shank. We were delightfully surprised by the generous portions we were served. It’s been a while since we’ve had such big portions at a restaurant. And to top it all, the taste was out of this world! It was like special attention was given to every plate served. The vegetables blew my mind! If you are not a veggie fan, these veggies will change your mind.

Yummy pork belly
Now that is what we call a lamb shank!
I almost ate all mom’s veggies that she got with her steak. πŸ˜…

After lunch we took some pictures on the grounds. Through my whole pregnancy I have been wanting to take a dip in a crystal clear, big pool and this pool made me want to jump in! The atmosphere was so peaceful. We were having so much fun!

Group selfie! πŸ“±
Beautiful pathways
That pool! 😍😍😍

After Flavours, we made a quick trip to The House of JC Le Roux. I’ve been there a few times but it’s always nice to visit. The decor is what I love most about this place. It makes you feel like you are in one of the glamour capitals of the world. It truly embodies Le Good Life. (My camera equipment failed me when taking pictures on the inside. 😳)

We went for the champagne and nougat pairing. I could only do the non-alcoholic ones but it was nice for a change. After our tasting we took some more pictures on the grounds. We love capturing memories and moments to reminisce about over family get togethers.

Entrance and trading hours for those that want to go. 😊

My aunt is very short and just about made it. πŸ˜…

Mother Daughter Selfie! πŸ“·
Beautiful ending to a great day.

Our Baby Shower

Recently my sister hosted my baby shower at the Hillcrest Berry Orchards in Stellenbosch. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of fun, games and laughter with the people that share so much love for our little one.

A big thank you goes out to my sister for putting it all together all the way from Gauteng. Michelle, you are an amazingly loving soul and our baby is privileged to call you his aunty. We would also like to thank Grandparents Hendricks & Grandparents Olivier for all their love and continued support. Uncle Mitch, Uncle Jacques and Uncle Ajith, you have your work cut out for you! This kid will take all the mental and physical stimulation you guys can give! πŸ™‚ Thank you to all the family and friends, near and far, for your continued support. Our little one is blessed to have so many people that love and care for him.

A special thanks to my talented friend and photographer Nicole for the stunning pictures.


Impromptu trip to Camps Bay

Not too long ago my sister-in-law surprised us with a very quick visit. After dropping her at the airport, while driving on the N2, we decided to take it to the beach. Unsure of which beach to go to, we randomly chose Camps Bay. We haven’t been there in a long time!


When we got there the beach was nice and empty (a first for us). We had views for days! Everything was so peaceful and quiet.


The ocean air got hubby hungry quickly and as we were walking down the strip, friendly staff at Mynt CafΓ© invited us for breakfast. Now this is my kind of service! Β My pregnancy craving is sweet stuff and all I wanted was a pancake, waffle or flapjacks! I ordered the Protein Pancakes which consisted of 4 whey powder pancakes layered with blue berries, banana, mixed nuts and honey. It was divine, just what me and baby more wanted than needed. Hubby got himself an Eggs Benedict. I was too late to take a picture. Pappa bear was hungry. I loved the interior and we received great service. Definitely worth the visit!


After breakfast we took a leisurely stroll back to the car and home. It was just what the soul needed.


Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. My slr was at home on this quick trip.