6 Months Old!

Cristiano my boy, where has time gone?! I can’t believe you’re 6months old already! It was just the other day that I gave birth to you and held your tiny body on my chest. Now your personality is starting to shine through. You are such a happy, vibrant and friendly little boy. You love running the whole place full in your walking ring and talking to mom and dad. Your other favourite past time is rolling and crawling around on the floor or in your cot. You grab onto everything and recently started eating purity and veggies that mommy makes. You prefer sweet potato like your dad which makes him very happy. You also have 2 teeth and I think a few more on its way. Your smile and laughter makes everyone’s day! You are the most amazing boy in the whole universe and I am proud to be your mother. I love you boy! πŸ˜™



5 Months Old!

My little monkey is 5 months old! He is quite the busy bug. Cristiano discovered his strong legs, feet and toes. He now kicks like crazy and pulls his toes towards his mouth. This is so much fun but also so exhausting. Bath time has become a lot of fun and very wet! I think I may need to move him to the big bath. πŸ™ˆ He also scoots on his stomach and rolls back to tummy and vice versa. My little bug also started on solids and had some butternut. Still getting used to it but it’s ok so far. Next up we trying sweet potato. Ooohh! And my baby is teething! 2 bottom teeth are showing and boy are they sharp! The little bugger refuses to let me get a picture of this big milestone. πŸ˜’ Here’s some pics of his 5month shoot! 😍😍😍

Priceless Moments

It’s 12am and I am wide awake after feeding Cristiano and putting him back to bed. For some reason I cannot stop looking at his precious face that brightens up my days. All I can think is how blessed I am to have this little human in my life and calling him mine. Cristiano, one day when you read this, always remember that mommy loves you more than life itself. ❀❀❀

4 Months Old!

Time is flying by and I am looking for a pause button! My baby that was born not too long ago is 4 months already! He is talking and playing a lot now. He has been chewing alot on his hands recently and the sister at the clinic says it’s normal. It also seems like his gums are itching quite a bit so I ordered him a teething mitten. I am so blessed to have a boy that sleeps straight through the night. I have to wake him to feed and change him as he does not eat a lot at once but rather multiple small bottles. He kicks a lot and always wants your full attention. Do not think you can be busy on your phone and deal with him. He will scream at you! πŸ˜… I fully agree with him. I mean, who can ignore that cute little rascal face?

We did his 4 month photos yesterday and this is the results. 😊

The Superman onesie I got from the Woolies factory shop and I decided to make the 4 months on a Charly’s Bakery Cupcake.


Welcome to our World Little One!

I have been contemplating whether I wanted to share our birth story on a global scale such as our blog since before our baby was born and in the end decided that such a joyous occasion in our life is worth so much more than a mention. So here goes.

On Friday, 05 May 2017, I was at home and decided not to do anything. I cancelled all my plans and was just laying from one side of the bed to the next watching movies and series. I was on maternity leave afterall. I called hubby and told him that the house will be dirty and there won’t be any food for dinner when he comes home because I am taking a break. Just as the sweetheart I know him to be, he was perfectly fine with it because he has been wanting me to slow down for a while now. However, my ocd had me up and I at least cleaned the kitchen. 

When hubby came home we just had a light meal and I started feeling light cramps. I just thought it’s one of those annoying discomfort pains that has been coming and going. Later that evening we were laying in bed, listening to Bob Marley (Legend) and just taking in an easy Friday evening. I was 39 weeks and 1 day at the time. Then the pain started to grow a little stronger and our little mister was still kicking like he normally does on a Friday (it’s like he always knew Friday meant weekend! 😁). After a while Marc was not happy with the look of discomfort on my face and insisted we go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to be sent home again to wait things out. I decided to stop being so stubborn and let Marc get his way. On the way I still asked Marc to stop at the garage for some gas cooldrink and snacks. If this was it, we could be in for quite a wait and I wanted to at least snack.

We arrived at the hospital at around 23:00. They offered me a wheel chair and I politely declined. I told Marc that I’m just pregnant, not disabled. When we got to the maternity ward, they did a couple of checks and called the doctor on call for the weekend, Dr Michelle Mark. After some checks they confirmed that I was having contractions and in labour. Dr asked what pain relief I wanted and I immediately told her epidural. She also offered me a mild pain reliever to get me through the night. At around 4am the contractions became more intense and I asked the nurse for my epidural. It helped me sleep till morning. At around 7am the nurses had a shift change and after 8am doctor came to check on me. I was only 4cm dialated since 4am. They broke my water and put me on some meds to get things going but our little one was having his own way. Around 10:30 I was still only 4cm dialated and the meds seemed to not be working too well with baby. Dr then recommended a c-section to be safe. I just wanted our little one to be safe, no matter what they needed to do to me. 

After 11am I was rolled into theatre. I loved the atmosphere as everyone was smiling and having light chatter. I was like “Operations aren’t that scary with staff this chirpy!” Maybe I was still high on pain meds. πŸ˜… Hubby still forgot the camera and they waited for him to get it before they got to cutting. It felt like I was in a scene from Grey’s Anatomy! I had my dr Alex and dr Arizona. πŸ˜… Our beautiful baby boy arrived with a healthy scream at 11:40 on 06 May 2017. He was 3.58kg and 51cm in length. We experienced a sense of euphoria when we first laid eyes on him. He was and is still PERFECT! We got to hold our precious bundle of joy and tried to keep the tears at bay.

What I loved about the hospital and the staff was how friendly and caring they were. We were constantly checked on and my pain levels were closely monitored. To be honest, the pain I had was not as bad as I imagined it. We would like to thank the staff of Milnerton Mediclinic for making our birth experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.