Mom’s Birthday at Buena Vista & Peter Falke Wines

My mom’s birthday was not too long ago and my brother wanted us to do lunch somewhere. We decided on lunch at Buena Vista  and wine tasting afterwards at Peter Falke Wines. God blessed us with a beautiful day in the middle of winter. 

We made a pitstop at Mooiberge. Cristiano is a jetsetter in his Doona. 😅
Cristiano with his grannies!

First stop was Buena Vista on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. Mom ordered a Nederburg rose for the table and me and my brother opted for cocktails. I ordered the Quesadillas Con Cordero which was filled with roasted lamb. It was delicious! The birthday girl had the lamb cutlets with some nice veggies.

After we were all fully satisfied we took some pictures and headed to Peter Falke wines. 

What is that face?! 😅
Now this wine estate is one of my favourites! It has amazing views and stylishly decorated. 

Halfway through our tasting, my mother’s boyfriend popped the question and she said yes! 

Let me inspect the ring grandma!

After the whirl of the proposal we took some pictures on the estate and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. It was quite an eventful day and Cristiano was such a good boy through it all. He was quite exhausted after the full day of activities.

3 Generations
Our wine expert Ruben was the best!
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet!
We are family! ❤

My grannies are the best!


Boxing Day on the West Coast

We have started a tradition of visiting new places on Boxing Day. 2016 was no different. Since we moved to the West Coast, we decided to go to Eden On The Bay. It was a beautiful clear day with the picturesque Table Mountain on the background.


We went for lunch to Captain’s Kitchen where Marc settled for a cold Rose and I opted for a passion fruit and lemonade.


What attracted us to Captain’s Kitchen was the stunning views and the fact that they had deep fried sushi, considering I can’t have any raw fish. 😦 My only problem with the deep fried sushi was that it had so much rice and almost no fish to taste. According to Marc the salmon roses were divine!


After lunch we took a leisurely stroll taking in the sights and the sounds of our surroundings. It was pure bliss! 🙂


Pizza, Wine and Strawberries on Christmas Eve!

In my previous post we spent some time with the siblings from hubby’s side. In this post we spent some time with my mother and brother. And boy did we have some fun! 🙂

We decided on a trip to the Winelands and went to Mulderbosch Vineyards. Me and Marc have been there before and enjoyed some amazing pizza and wine. With my brother and husband loving pizza, it was easy to choose Mulderbosch.img_2931
We arrived without a reservation and was seated on a nice spot in the shade with easy access for my mom to the smoking section. Marc ordered a bottle of Marvelous Red wine for the table and I pretended to sip on a sparkling red wine with a red Grapetizer.img_2929

While everyone was enjoying the complimentary olive oil tasting, I only nibbled on the bread. I just love fresh bread!
We ordered 2 different pizzas for the table. 1 Biltong, Sweet Peppadew and Avocado pizza and 1 Asian Chicken with Roasted Pepper and Coriander.

Biltong, Sweet Peppadew And Avocado Pizza

Asian Chicken with Roasted Pepper and Coriander pizza

Now I am not that big a pizza fan so when I have 1, I want it Wood fired with a very thin base. I hate doughy bases that make me feel like I’m eating a daily sandwich. Mulderbosch caters to my preference perfectly! I enjoy every bite of their pizzas! After these pizzas there was no more space for desserts.

Mom in her smoking corner with an amazing backdrop!
Mother & Daughter
Brother & Sister


Brother photobombing mom! LOL!

img_2971After a few pictures with beautiful scenery (which takes me back to my childhood memories of time spent on my grandparents farm), we were off to the famous Polkadraai Strawberry Farm. I’ve been wanting to go strawberry picking all season, but never managed to find the time and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. It was a lovely day outside and perfect for strawberry picking.


It was quite full on the farm and we decided to start picking in the corner where there was almost no one. Bad idea! We soon found out why there was no one in that corner! With the enthusiasm of kids, me, mom and brother dearest started down the walkways. Mom got too excited when she saw some nice strawberries that she went straight for it without looking where she was walking. Next thing we know, she is almost knee deep in mud!!! It was hilarious! Her new pumps and tights were completely ruined! That didn’t dampen the mood though. Since we loved going to the farm so often and get dirty, this was no big deal!
We found some nice strawberries, but the saddest part was seeing so many strawberries that were squashed and destroyed. It made me think of how destructive the human race can be. It’s quite a sad sight. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this.

After our buckets were filled, we headed back to the top where hubby was sitting and waiting for us with some wine for him and mom and cooldrink and water for me. It was quite a nice day spent with loved ones, filled with stories and laughter. I think we need to do it more often though. Laughter is good for the soul afterall. 😉img_3005img_3007

Tapas at Charango

Festive season seems to be the only time we get to get together as family and spend time with our loved ones. In my case, that hardly ever happens. It’s not by choice, but due to the nature of my work and the fact that I am a workaholic, I seldomly get the chance to visit with family.  This year my husband made a point of making some time for us to spend with at least one evening with our siblings. Due to work schedules we had to split it into 2 days. 1 day with his siblings and 1 day with my brother.
We decided on a tapas dinner at Charango with the Olivier clan. Charango is a tapas restaurant specialising in Peruvian cuisine. Now I haven’t tasted Peruvian cuisine before so I was thoroughly excited to try out this gem in Bree Street, Cape Town.

We were a bit early because we went straight from work. We were relaxing with a bottle of Rustenberg Cabernet Sauvignon and a mocktail for me.



The decor was mezmerising!


When looking at the menu I was not sure what to get. It all looked so different from what you normally get at a tapas place, but yet so yummy.


When the waiter came to take our order, I think he could sense how overwhelmed we were by the menu and he offered to serve us what he thinks will be the best for us. He checked some of our preferences then took the menus away. What followed was truly a treat of delicious taste sensations! This guy knew his customers and food!
Our first course was Nikkei Tuna Tirad. We had 2 servings of which one was raw and the other well done for me.


We also had Courgettes and Cucumber. The taste was simply amazing! Talk about a taste explosion!


The 3rd dish was mini tacos with Pork, Beef and Dirt Rubbed Tuna respectively. I loved them for their size and different ingredients.

Our mains was a selection of Sirloin Lomo Soltado, Pork Belly Chicha, Pollo a la Brasa, Tenderstem Asparagus, Burnt Corn and Papas Nuevos. Now that’s a mouth full! Or should I say a tummy full! I was speechless after this! Simply AMAZING!

At first the spread looked like little for the 5 of us, but we ended up not being able to finish the main course. A doggie bag was in order.  My sister-in-law was contemplating dessert but no one could stuff any more food into their system. I was ready to roll out of there!
I was very impressed with Charango and not only the food. The service was excellent! I believe that no matter how good the food is, if the service is bad, everything is bad! I’m willing to pay a premium for great service. A lot of places can learn from Charango’s service. Well done guys! You get a 15/10 from us!

Women’s Month Celebration at Groot Constantia

So with Women’s Month in the air, hubby treated me to a lunch at the Jonkershuis Restaurant at Groot Constantia. Considering our love for food and wine, Groot Constantia has always been on our list of places to visit so I was super excited to go.

There was a bit of a chill in the air but I was more than happy to sit outside because the views were just breathtaking!

View from our table
View towards our table
Panoramic view of where we dined. 🙂


We started out with a bottle of Maiden’s Prayer Red Blend from Diemersfontein, Wellington considering that there was a slight chill in the air.

Marc was quite hungry at the time (we woke up late) so we headed straight for the mains. Me not being able to eat much, almost always skip starters. Marc had some of his favourite red meats, a medium rare Steak. I went for the roast leg of lamb which had an interesting minty sauce. I loved the veggies that went with the red meats. Just gave the plate the right balance.


After lunch we explored the estate and took a walk up to wine sales for a quick wine tasting. We have a taste for Stellenbosch and Paarl wine. When we visited a wine estate in the southern suburbs before we weren’t very impressed with the wines. I was somewhat hesitant about the wines but was delightfully surprised! We only tasted red wine (our favourite!) We also got a nice dark chocolate with our tasting that had a salty taste to it which was amazing!


After wine tasting we explored the grounds and enjoyed the scenic views.


And then we always need a take-away! In this case some Sparkling wine!


10 Year Anniversary Weekend!

It felt like just yesterday that I met my husband in a club in Stellenbosch, not knowing that our paths would cross again and that we would have had such a long journey until here. Short version of our love story is as follow.

Girl goes out to party with friends after exams. Girls meets cute boy in a club, only knows his name and that he was from Stellenbosch. Oh, and that he said: “You’re looking for a boyfriend but I’m not looking for a girlfriend.” Girl replies that she’s just out to have fun with not a care in the world! (secretly liking this handsome boy quite a lot and couldn’t stop thinking about him for a week! Yikes!) A week later these 2 souls meet again in another club and finally exchange numbers. From there they chat and figure out they like each other quite a lot and fall madly in love. Not all is smooth sailing but 10 years later they are happily married (with a 4 year wedding anniversary coming up) and working hard at their careers despite some crazy ish that they have to deal with.

Our very first photo together.

Then the question was, How do we celebrate 10 years of being together with a crazy schedule to keep up with? We were thinking a couples spa treatment but hubby is not too keen on spa things. Considering that we basically live in Cape Town and everything being around the corner, staying a night in some hotel would just be pointless. Then there was the option of a fancy night out. Unfortunately with some flu bugging and not feeling to great, a daytrip seemed like the best option. Being very tired after a hard week at the office and a crazy flu bug that refuses to go away, what is one supposed to do except for curling up in bed with a marathon of series and movies? Anyway, that’s what I felt like doing. But being determined to make the best of a sunny winters weekend, I pulled myself together and enjoyed Cape Town.

First up on the Saturday was Quaglinos in Mouille Point for brunch / lunch. Now this place looks stunning on the inside with the most gorgeous views of the ocean. I LOVE a place with a view! Especially if it’s overlooking the ocean!

How calm was the ocean?

The interior design of the restaurant was beautiful but unfortunately I did not find the seating too comfortable. The chairs did not have any cushions and had a bit of a weird design that made it an uncomfortable seat. I sat on them because I wanted to enjoy the view more than anything.

This is me trying to smile while being sick.

When it came to ordering, we both went for a piece of steak. Our preference is always medium rare. That’s the best way to enjoy steak! The presentation of the food I give a 10/10 and the taste was definitely a 12/10!



After Quaglinos we headed for dessert at the one and only Charly’s Bakery! This is most probably the most famous bakery in South Africa! And who can argue with that? Whenever I walk in there I’m in cake heaven! My favourite cake is the wicked chocolate cake and the chocolate brownie! Just thinking of it makes me want to run down the road to Charly’s!

Love how colourful it is.
Nelson Mandela keeping an eye on us.
This is where the magic happens.


Only picture of the cake we got. We devoured the others. LOL!

After quite a tasty Saturday we decided to explore the world renowned Victoria & Alfred Waterfront on the Sunday.


Our first stop was lunch at Den Anker. This restaurant has been on our to-do list for a while since hubby likes a good beer. It was a beautiful day in the Mother City!


This view can never get old.

Hubby settled for a Anker Bier (Beer) and I (being a wine lover) decided on the Vondeling Petit Rouge Merlot from Paarl. We love wines from the Stellenbosch and Paarl wine routes. There’s just something amazing about the taste.


We generally skip starters and went straight to mains. I’ve been feeling for fish for a while and got myself a Linefish Mousseline. Just looking at that fish makes my mouth water. (I’m a born and bred Capetonian and LOVE my seafood!)


Recently hubby has been all about burgers and is on a mission to try as many burgers as possible. Hence him choosing a Wagyu Burger where the recommended beer was the Anker Bier. Needless to say, my mr was licking his fingers while enjoying this beauty.


After having a very filling lunch, we set off to the V&A Waterfront Food Market! Yes, I know I just said that we had a filling meal. But like most of our friends know, we LOVE food and wine and always manage to make space for more! LOL!


We got ourselves a bottle of DMZ Syrah, also from Stellenbosch wine region. We paired this with some nice moist beef biltong. The market was buzzing and we enjoyed ourselves just people watching.


After the food market we wandered around the Waterfront and just soaked up the beauty that our city has to offer. I mean, we have one of the 7 Wonders of Nature right in our backyard and amazing artists around every corner that just delights all your senses.



My Cape Town

I don’t think we would ever want to move away from Cape Town. We love our Cape Town. Cheers to many more outings in the Mothers City!

#TBT Boxing Day in the Winelands

Hubby and I started our own tradition not too long ago. We decided that we would do something different every Boxing day (26 December). So far we’ve been visiting different wine estates on Boxing day. Sometimes we go with family and sometimes it’s just the two of us. My brother joined us on this occasion and we had so much fun!


We started of our visit to Webersburg with a wine tasting, my favourite pastime!


After our wine tasting we decided on light lunches. Mitch (my brother) had a Sesame Crumbed Chicken Salad. Just by looking at that salad, it made us all want to have healthy New Year resolutions! It was so good! (Sorry for the bad image.)




Me and hubby shared a Webersburg Snack and Wine Platter. I didn’t expect it to be that big! It was quite tasty and filling! The Wild Mushroom Arancini was our favourite! We enjoyed a Webersburg 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon with our food.


The views were spectacular, the service GREAT and the wine AMAZING!

After Webersburg we went to the Root 44 Market which is just down the road. Even though we had quite a meal at Webersburg, when visiting Root 44 Market you cannot help yourself but to have another helping of food! The smell of different flavours is just amazing! I cannot imagine going to the Root 44 Market and not having anything to eat and drink!


On our table we had some fresh Oysters, Mussels with Vetkoek (One of my favourite types of bread. Reminds me of the times spent on the farm as a child.) and a very thin based pizza. I can’t quite remember what was on there. All I know is that it was perfect! We rounded off our snacking with some Audacia Rooibos Wooded Natural Red wine. Who ever thought that Rooibos and wine would taste that good?!


We had great food and wine at both places. You will not be disappointed by these places, Promise! 🙂

An Impromptu visit to Val Du Charron

We are known for making impulsive decisions at the best of times but this one was Awesome!

We went to the Spar in Wellington to get ice-cream as it was one of those hot Wellington weather days. When we got out of the shop I told Marc that I felt like a drive, because it was such a beautiful day. We took a drive towards the Bainskloof Pass, past Antoniesvlei, when we decided to turn around and look for one of our favourites, a Wine Estate! 🙂

We popped into Val Du Charron and weren’t quite sure as to whether it was open. We went to the entrance and it stated that they were still busy with reservations but was greeted with a warm welcome by Chrisma.  She made us feel right at home! We tasted some of their wines and just loved the Theatre of Wine Trio which consisted out of Four White Legs, Erasmus – Den Deen & Black Countess.

The Four White Legs is a white blend consisting of 33% Chenin Blanc, 24% Nouvelle, 20% Pinot Gris, 20% Sauvignon Blanc & 3% Viognier. We are not big fans of white wines but I must say that this blend was quite nice and reminded me that Summer is on the way! As most of our family and friends know, we are red wine lovers  and we were looking forward to the Erasmus & the Black Countess. The Erasmus is a blend of 40% Merlot, 30% Pinotage, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Petit Verdot, 8% Shiraz. The Black Countess is a blend of 44% Shiraz, 24% Pinotage, 16% Mataro, 8% Carignan, 8% Grenache Noir. Needless to say, it was amazing! Definitely getting more of those! 🙂

Chrisma also introduced us to their 2015 Pinot Gris and boy was I surprised! We just loved it and definitely making it one of our summer wines this season.

We were also advised that their restaurant, The Local Grill, will be opening soon (October 2015). We had a look at the menu and it looks delicious! We called it “Our Kind of Food”. We’ll definitely be visiting to lay into that menu!

The estate also boasts with a 4 & 5 star Guest House and a Spa! With this combination, Val Du Charron is the best place to plan an escape to. Husbands and partners do take note of this one. I already hinted to hubby for a weekend. 😉

Val Du Charron also have some of the most amazing views of Wellington! Hence no filter on the pictures of the views. 😉 The lawn is nice and big to accommodate families with children as well as a great relaxation spot for wine lovers during summer.

My apologies for the image quality. These were taken with my not so state of the art cellphone and one of the only times I did not have my pocket camera on me.

The Local Grill Restaurant Menu that we can’t wait to try!
This is what I call Good Wine!
Even the horsie enjoyed the wine! 🙂
I just loved the designs!
This is my kind of Wine Rack! I need one! 🙂
Views to take your breathe away!
The Spa has a wide variety of treatments that will make any woman smile from ear to ear!
We spotted these beautiful mosaic angels on the estate and I just loved how the sun was just touching them and making them shimmer.

15090016 15090030 15090037

Visit to Landskroon Wine Estate

We just love exploring new places. We normally take a drive and just see what’s out there and sometimes make a quick stop at any place. Some of our favourite places to visit is Wine Estates. Some of the reasons are that they always make for spectacular views and photos, they have wine (some of our favourite treats) and they don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Wine tastings generally cost between R20 – R50 per person and the amount of different wines you can taste is generally between 3-5 wines. Some wine estates also offer different platters that you an try with their wines. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget outing this summer, try out a wine estate.

So on one blissful day, we stopped over at Landskroon Wine Estate in Paarl. This estate is on the same road as Spice Route and Fairview. They have the same spectacular views as these 2 estates but not all the frills. When we got there my breathe was taken away by the gorgeous views. We visited the tasting room where the tastings were R10 per person (I think, speaking under correction). The wines were pretty well priced and quite a variety was available. The tasting room assistant also advised us that we could bring our own picking and enjoy their wines on their big, open lawn. I loved this idea as at some estates one needs to buy your picnic from the estate (normally quite expensive). You however need to book in advance in order to do this. We just got some wine, glasses and some of the snacks that were available at the tasting room. It was a perfect day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😉

DSC02657 DSC02658 DSC02662 DSC02663 DSC02665 DSC02668 DSC02669 DSC02670 DSC02671 DSC02672 DSC02676 DSC02679

#FBF to a Visit to Ridgeback Wine Estate

This was one of those days where we weren’t quite sure what to make of the weather and decided to pick a place at random. We decided to go down an unknown road off the R44. We found this little estate, Ridgeback Wine Estate.

At first it seemed rainy but then the sky opened up and the sun came out. We were too late for breakfast (they were still willing to serve us breakfast) so we decided on lunch instead. Hubby chose the Lamb Shank and I went for some pork fillets in a red wine sauce. The food was delicious and the service GREAT! We had a waiter with a smile and always ready with a joke that had us laughing all day.

I decided to explore the area around the estate and just loved the pond in the middle, the little waterfall, the animals in the pond and the fact that it had a kiddies play area with a jungle gym. Not only does Ridgeback wine estate have great family facilities but their red wine, especially the Merlot, was amazing! We are definitely visiting them again. 😉


The Pond at Ridgeback with beautiful skies over it.
The Pond at Ridgeback with beautiful skies over it.
Lamb Shank with delicious veggies
Lamb Shank with delicious veggies
Pork Fillet in red wine sauce with veggies.
Pork Fillet in red wine sauce with veggies.
Ridgeback Shiraz
Ridgeback Shiraz
Beautiful Swans
Beautiful Swans
Little waterfall
Little waterfall
Different view of the pond
Different view of the pond